Digital Kit

Information related to the European funds “Next Generation EU” within the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan created by the government.

Digital Kit program co-financed by the next generation (EU) funds of the recovery and resilience mechanism.

Website and Online Presence

Our digitization solutions belong to the categories of Website Creation and Internet Positioning.

Solutions and services

1. Website

We offer the following services:

We analyze the client’s needs, digital market trends, and the product or service category.


We develop a content and usability strategy based on the previous analysis.


We create the design according to the strategy and usability, adapting it for mobile devices.


We ensure the proper functioning of each function.

Price Range

Optimized Web Design
between €2,000 and €10,000

2. SEO Positioning

We offer the following services:

SEO Audit:
We analyze the current website to detect possible errors and areas for improvement and implement them.


SEO Consulting:
We analyze the current situation and set objectives to build a solution and an action plan that improves online visibility.


SEO Strategy:
We outline a strategy to effectively achieve the objectives and implement it successfully.

Price Range

SEO Positioning
€1,300 and €12,000

3. Advanced Internet Presence

Ensure positioning on the Internet, increasing traffic and access to potential customers.

Basic positioning on the Internet:
The solution positions the basic business information, contact and company profile in the main sites, business networks or directories of companies and professionals.


Keyword analysis:
Management, search and analysis of keywords that help to index correctly in search engines and help the page appear in user queries.


Competitor analysis:
Monthly competitor analysis to report position relative to competitors in search engines.


SEO On-Page:
Optimization of the internal structure of the pages to improve the positioning of the SME in search engines as well as the indexing and hierarchization of the contents.


SEO Off-Page:
Actions outside. the web to improve organic positioning.


Monthly monitoring reports:
Monthly report of the results of the implemented actions to be able to follow up and adapt the strategy.

Social Media Management

Our digitization solutions belong to the categories of website creation and internet positioning.

Solutions and Services

Social Media

We offer the following services:

Social Media Plan:
Social media strategy aligned with your mission and vision, making it relevant and connecting with potential customers while retaining existing users.


Social Media Monitoring:
We periodically monitor and control the impacts of social media actions to see your results and determine if you are meeting your strategy’s objectives.

Social Media Optimization/Audit:
We help you optimize performance by analyzing different social channels.


Social Media Network Management:
Management of the social network(s).


Weekly Post Publication:
Publication of a minimum of 4-8 posts monthly on your social media.

Price Range

Social Media Management
between €500 and €7,500


All our solutions are directed towards three distinct segments of beneficiaries:

Up to €12,000:
Small businesses with 10 to less than 50 employees.

Up to €6,000:
Small businesses or micro-businesses with 3 to less than 10 employees.

Up to €2,000:
Small businesses or micro-businesses with 0 to less than 3 employees.