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Packaging, logo, visual identity, label design and branding

“MINA magnolia ratafia is special and unique. Made from a secret ancestral recipe based mainly on magnolia flowers, it is sweet and aromatic. They aromas transport us to feel, a surprising world that we will never want to leave… as if immersed in a dream”.

Bellmunt de Priorat

Lost in a sweet dream...

Mina Ratafía is the first ratafia of magnolias. Hand-picked in Bellmunt de Priorat, the unwritten secret recipe is passed down from generation to generation and very few are fortunate to know the secret. The detail and craftsmanship of each process gives it a clear but intense and bright colour with a touch of golden highlights, with floral details in its aroma. Mina is an elegant ratafia, but with bitter hints of green nuts and soft spices from the maceration of petals.

The ratafia has a very important differentiating factor that makes it unique and fresh, but its packaging together with the image it conveys does not give that message, which is why the brand needed a new packaging change that was capable of conveying its essence.

Theyesbrand opted for a clear, fresh and enveloping message. A change of perceptions was sought through the restructuring and redesign of the logo, a new visual identity, a change in the packaging with a new, more versatile and elegant bottle which, together with the new label design, has the capacity to transmit an elegant and feminine message that accompanies the branding of the brand.

The challenge, to be able to convey freshness and exclusivity in the packaging.
The solution, to let oneself be carried away by the essence of the product.

The new image conveys the message of “Lost in a sweet dream” which has the capacity to transport all those who buy ratafia, not only through its special and unique liqueur but also through its storytelling and message through the packaging.