Savour the experience

Values make a difference. In the case of Càrnia, we encounter a brand within the meat industry working with both conventional and ecological livestock farming. A product of the utmost quality that respects the animal, the environment and the profession of cattle rearing.

The project

Cárnia sought to place a new lineal of products on the market that together with a visual language, contributed unity, coherence and brand consistency. Throughout the process, the message to be transmitted was one of flavour and health, both fundamental to the project.

The results

Building a communication strategy that transmits a seamless mission, company and new lineal values for professionals. The lineal achieves timeless design and communication, which are simple and able to adapt to any support recognised by the audience.

What power of decision does a successful identity have?

Users are exposed to a myriad of brands and stimuli on a daily basis. The secret behind standing out among such overwhelming numbers, is to give the user breathing space. By applying a clear simple design, we offer a space within the lineal where it is easy for the user to rest their gaze, therefore focusing on the product.

marketing and publicity

The process

Sector analysis

Previous to creating the lineal there is a benchmark phase where we analyse the sector brands, a new scope for the brand as well as the available vegetarian and premium pre-cooked products. For this purpose, we observed the growing demands within the sector together with the user needs and tastes, finally choosing a befitting strategy.


Deriving from the strategy conclusions, different packaging prototypes were developed providing a clear view of the route most suited to the needs that had been put forward, as well as any changes or modifications to be applied so as to attain the highest possible score.


Photography was a key communication element in achieving the set objectives. To this effect, and by means of our arts management department, we contacted the food photographer Corina Landa and the food stylist Beatriz De Marco, both regular contributors in these types of projects.