What is branding?

What is branding?

El process of brand creation.
Definition, transformation, organisation and promotion.

When asked what is branding? There are many definitions, but branding goes beyond a simple definition.

Branding is a strategy composed of a series of processes that define and build the brand, based on certain graphic processes and with the aim of transmitting a promise to users or customers.

It is therefore the management of the brand and all its tangible and intangible elements. Long and short term planning and preparation in the consumer’s mind.


Branding is composed of the different key elements:

  • Naming
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand positioning
  • Loyalty
  • Brand communication style

These elements affect the perception of the brand in the first instance, and this factor is key to the differentiation and positioning of one brand over another. To do this, through these elements, a strategy is established for the brand, the purpose, the promise, the personality of the brand and the benefits it offers.

This is when the perception of the brand creates emotional connections between the brand and the user, generating positive emotions.

Thus, branding works on the brand concept by showing how to plan the brand, how to structure it, how to manage it and how to promote it.

What differentiates branding from other modalities is its essence, because it is able to create illusions for individuals based on their expectations and relevant experiences, which satisfy their needs. To differentiate itself, the brand must offer itself as the solution to problems.

We summarise branding as all the processes that involve the management of a company’s brand, with the aim of improving its visibility and reputation. Through strategies that guarantee the growth of the business in a sustainable, lasting and intelligent way, and the perception of the brand. This strategy is fundamental for all companies, regardless of their size or sales volume, whether they are micro-enterprises, SMEs or even multinationals, as it allows them to continue to position themselves as top of mind for users.


The brand:

Strictly speaking, the brand concept is known as the expression of a company’s intention. Everything that surrounds the company, from values to perceptions.

But the concept goes further than that. In order to have a good and well-defined brand, a prior branding strategy and the creation of a brand identity is necessary.


Brand, branding and visual identity are often considered as synonyms, but in reality, rather than synonyms, they are complementary processes for the creation of a company.

The brand is the perception of the users of the company with respect to the company, branding is the actions that are carried out to create a certain image of the company and brand identity are all those elements that create the image of the brand.

Therefore, a good branding and brand identity strategy is essential for the creation of a brand.

Do you already have a good brand strategy?

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