Now, stay home.

Now is the time to talk,

of saying, of giving, of smiling, of forgiving.

Now is the time to be with your children,

with your partner, with your parents, 

with those you’ve always been close to

and, why not, also be with yourself. 

Now is the time to look at yourself in the mirror

and see what makes you special and change what 

that you know you have to improve.

Humanizing, is what we have learned

in a few days. We have rediscovered to be

more humans, more people, to put you

in the skin of the other and feel empathy. 

We have rediscovered that everything is important

but little is essential. And now, being at home with 

yours is essential.

Now, stay home.


In #theyesbrand we have joined the initiative that many companies have launched to contribute, as far as possible, to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining physical interpersonal distance during this period of exception. # stayhome

Audi, Telefónica and Coca-Cola are some of the brands that have also joined the cause and modified their logos.