Building a new world for a new brand.

Aloalto’s approach is decidedly different. Japanese-origin strawberries with a texture and flavor that are uniquely and immensely exquisite. Given budget and time constraints, we couldn’t afford extensive campaigns or a prolonged brand strategy process. Therefore, we had to think quickly and act swiftly. Here’s how we proceeded…

Alo Alto Branding
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Brand Strategy

Recognizing the need for greater relevance on shelves and a consistent brand proposition, our team developed a new identity and packaging system adaptable to different strawberry formats. The distinctive, unique, and uniform look of the entire range of strawberries provides a coherent, noticeable, and elegant customer experience.


The key challenge was to succinctly and effectively communicate the nature and origin of the product while conveying its delicious taste to consumers. The design captures the essence of Japanese culture and simplicity, based on and supported by Japanese-style illustrations that provide a clear story to tell on the packaging itself.


We developed branding around an idea and brand strategy. The Branding embodies simplicity, Japanese minimalism, and luxury in the exclusivity that Aloalto offers its consumers. As a direct-to-consumer brand, we drew inspiration from its name Aloalto, referring to the vertical cultivation in which the strawberries are grown.

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