Diseño packaging alimentario - Custom Culinary

Created for chefs by chefs

When the Custom Culinary® brand arrived in Europe in 2020, it required new branding and packaging for its three sub-brands: Gold Label, Chef’s Own™, and Master Touch®. The goal was to convey an attractive, fresh, and healthy image while being tailored to the needs and tastes of the European audience.


This project started from scratch, allowing us to design and create with complete freedom, enjoying the process that resulted in a unique and innovative design.
We analyzed the industry, competitors, and the needs of the target audience to develop a brand strategy and subsequently implement the most precise visual identity and branding.


The packaging needed to be adapted to European culture, both in size and material. It also had to be attractive, practical, and of high quality, capable of enticing chefs in their final choice when faced with the product on the shelf. When designing and creating packaging for the three sub-brands, a consistent line with a similar structure was sought, with the packaging providing each one with its distinctive character.


Once the branding and packaging were defined, the corporate and brand identity were developed. Prior to this, a photo session was conducted with Custom Culinary® to create unique content. Subsequently, catalogs and brochures were created for each product, along with illustrations and motion graphics. Finally, the design and implementation of stands for food fairs and the brand’s communication strategy on social media were carried out.

Custom Culinary Packaging
Diseño de packaging Custom Culinary
Custom Culinary Identidad Visual