Renew, Unify… Stand Out

The Euromadi group aimed to streamline the product portfolio of CROWE in terms of visual identity and packaging, creating a common line and character with distinctions among sub-products. With a change in the cosmetic product range, the goal was to differentiate the brand in a highly visually competitive sector.

Crowe Packaging
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Crowe crema solar packaging
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Competence for a brand is enhanced by understanding what the competition is doing because there is a constant need to innovate and stand out. With this objective, the situation of the brand, the industry, and the audience was studied, providing the appropriate response for the products. An adapted restyling that reflected the brand was developed.

Visual Identity

An extensive process was undertaken to establish a unique and clear strategy that encompassed the different ranges defining the visual identity of the entire CROWE brand. In an industry where visual trends are constantly evolving, it was crucial to implement an identity that conveyed contemporaneity, character, and style.


With a unified and defined character and style, the design of the packaging and its supports for more than 60 product ranges were developed. Each illustration complementing the packaging design was carefully crafted, giving a corporate and unique touch to the products.