All good things take time

For the development of this project, it was crucial to understand the brand’s history and the artistic foundations on which its headquarters is based. Celler Espolla was founded in 1931 by winemakers from Espolla, a small town in l’Alt Empordà. The winery building was inspired by the “Wine Cathedrals,” also known as modernist cellars, as they inherit the modernist legacy of Gaudí and Domènech i Montaner, combined with the functionality of the twentieth century.
We were tasked with creating the Moscatel and Garnacha product line, two sweet wines typical of Catalonia and perfect for enjoying during the aperitif. The development was carried out in collaboration with the management of Celler Espolla.

Cellers Espolla Inspiración
Cellers Espolla Inspiración 2
Cellers Espolla Packaging
Cellers Espolla Packaging 2


Moscatel and Garnacha are the icons of Espolla wineries, and it was fitting to position the new packaging in the same light. We began with the evolution of each logo, which eventually became the centerpiece of the packaging. For each product variety, a unique mandala was created, an exclusive and circular design that allowed each product to tell its own story. The vibrant color palette and illustrative elements used in the designs created an organic and natural world that reinforced their personalities.

Brand Identity

To project the new brand identity, we restyled the logo, bringing it to a more contemporary level in line with current industry trends while maintaining its essence. We established a graphic, chromatic, and verbal personality for the new phase while maintaining the brand’s visual parameters. The new design also facilitated the updating of the website, the creation of an advertising campaign, and the implementation of marketing actions.