Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

NOJAE is a natural liqueur made from elderberry flowers. Each spring, the wildflowers from this mountain shrub are handpicked with care, ensuring not to harm the plant so that the flowering cycle repeats the following year. NOJAE is a unique experience for the palate, full of intense and wonderful emotions. A subtle and powerful liqueur, delicate and passionate. Its fragrance, taste, and originality charmingly and inevitably seduce.

Nojae Pack
Nojae Inspiración
Nojae Inspiración

Brand Strategy

The proper placement of the brand in the audience’s mind was crucial for good positioning. To achieve this, the territory where the brand wanted to have a presence was first well defined, and then the personality and brand message could be built. NOJAE is a distinct liqueur, and precisely by wanting to differentiate itself from any other, it makes the consumer stand out.


The packaging had to be able to convey the positioning established in the brand strategy. To make this alignment real, a natural, sustainable, noble, quality, and totally different container was devised.
Regarding the bottle’s graphics, a design inspired by organic shapes was created to convey and recall the product’s origin: the elderberry flower. The printing was done with serigraphy.
Another differentiating element was the bottle cap, made 100% of wood. The finishing touch was the typography, which gave it that classic and quality appearance that added value.


The Hipster lifestyle was the basis of the branding. Hipster is a term used in the 1940s to refer to those who had vintage, alternative, and independent tastes and interests. A culture that lives in the moment and cares about its surroundings and sustainability. It stands out for being sensitive, intellectual, independent, not focused on trends but on the important things life can offer. It’s a toast to a free spirit. To place the audience in this environment, images suitable for this culture and lifestyle were created. And to reinforce the message, phrases were included that affirmed the importance of a differential philosophy and attitude.