Changing while preserving the brand essence

Fresh Miles is a brand within the Bidfood group. Its core business is located in the B2B sector of food services, such as catering, collectivities, hospitals, etc.
Our challenge was to renew the essence of its brand in a sincere and convincing manner, keeping the brand recognizable and relevant to current and future customers.

Fresh Miles Identidad Visual
Fresh Miles Tarjeta
Fresh Miles Logo


Theyesbrand took on the task of creating a new visual identity and a comprehensive redesign of the packaging for the Fresh Miles brand. The strong point was to leverage Fresh Miles’ strong position in its sector, being a recognized brand in the B2B market for hospitality, collectivities, catering, hospitals, etc.

We effectively and meaningfully utilized this competitive advantage through the typography of the new logo with custom letter shapes, bringing new drive and energy to the brand.



Fresh Miles faced two challenges: the need for an updated design system to visually unify its entire product portfolio and the need to convey the quality of its fresh products in its category. The new designs not only reinforce the quality of the ingredients but also bring to life the storytelling created to strengthen the brand and branding.

Illustrations and color palettes created for each product category, along with the development of different icons or pictograms, harmoniously integrate to understand the entire product portfolio. The entire product range maintains a consistent look while leveraging and highlighting key elements to support the flavor and character of each product.


Packaging alimentación - Fresh Miles
Fresh Miles Iconos