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Arttpa is a brand committed to crafting gluten-free bread, with the mission of making good bread affordable and accessible for everyone. Our main challenge was to create an identity that reflected this ambition and offered something fresh and accessible for everyday consumers to deeply resonate with.

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We have developed a brand identity system that encapsulates the inherent quality of Arttpa’s products. Our focus on graphic design aims to convey a sense of authenticity and naturalness, achieved through the use of simple linear-style illustrations and subtle tones of our distinctive corporate blue. Project results encompass a variety of deliverables, from printed brochures to website design, along with custom product photography.


We designed packaging with personality, adding a modern touch to a traditional sector. We created a vibrant and premium design, with a playful tone of voice aimed at attracting everyday consumers. Summed up in the slogan ‘Always good to be free’, Arttpa embodies the spirit that authenticity and goodness should be within reach of all consumers.”


We leveraged some of the brand’s existing core assets such as the logo, changing the typography of the baseline to a clearer one. An icon system explains in detail what the product is and why it is so good and healthy. We also used a new photography style with a more current and premium look that entices customers to try a new gluten-free bread alternative.

arttpa branding
Delicious pastries with sausages on wooden piece. High quality photo
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