The best things in life happen around a table

Señorita is a Spanish tapas restaurant located in the city of Milan. We are dedicated to developing a fresh and vibrant brand strategy infused with animation, humor, and originality. Our goal is to create a bold and contemporary visual and verbal identity that resonates in the hearts of our audience and fully engages them in the unique experience we offer.

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Señorita logo
Señorita branding

Brand Strategy

At the heart of Señorita’s philosophy lies the conviction that “the best and authentic experiences in life happen around the table.” This belief inspires us to create the brand storytelling that seeks, in an increasingly digitized world, to bring people together in a unique and different environment promoting the culture of leisure, fun, and disconnection.


Every experience begins with an idea, an identity, a clearly defined vision of what makes you unique. Why will customers choose your restaurant among so many others available? What will capture their imagination? Your restaurant should focus on a unique and well-defined idea, an experience that makes it memorable and outstanding. Our proposal of “the best and authentic experiences in life happen around a table” is the main idea around which we develop the entire well-defined identity. It’s not just the sign, or the logo on the menu, it’s the background music, how your staff dresses and behaves, how the food is presented.

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