Elegance for the Brand and the Skin

Juliette’s goal was to differentiate and position itself in the high-end category of the cosmetics sector. To achieve this, a new graphic and brand identity was designed, and a packaging style was sought that had the ability to convey versatility and elegance.

Juliette Pack
Juliette Packaging


To position the brand at the top of the cosmetics hierarchy, a detailed analysis of visual codes at the micro and macro levels of the environment was conducted, defining the character and trends to follow. Once this was established, the language and other aspects of the brand identity were defined.


Conceptually and with the desired positioning and message in mind, visual codes were developed. The two-year project included redesigning the entire product range with a total of 120 references. First, a brand identity manual was created, outlining guidelines for each redesign or new product creation. This ensured the maintenance of coherence in the development of all subcategories throughout the project’s duration. After completing this phase, the development of each product began. Through design, an exclusive, elegant, and versatile touch was given to position the brand and its products at the top level. Regarding colors and shapes, they took on the responsibility of conveying the company’s values.


The client analyzed user responses to the new product presentations and conducted internal analyses across various departments of the company and points of sale.
This testing suggested new proposals and improvements that were incorporated into the restyling, resulting in the final version you see here and on the shelves.

Juliette crema hidratante-packaging
Juliette day cream packaging