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The Flavor of Respect and Commitment

Càrnia is a company in the meat industry with both organic and conventional livestock farms. This livestock farm has managed to make a difference by upholding its principles: producing a product of optimal quality and maintaining the utmost respect for the animal, the environment, and the profession of the livestock farmer.

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The packaging design was led by Càrnia Pro, the brand’s low-temperature cooking line. Càrnia Pro is the company’s top product. For the packaging, the decision was made to use the red Càrnia logo and a striking photograph of the product, showcasing its texture and ingredients to enhance the appeal of “appetizing” and convey the concept of “gourmet flavor.”
Subsequently, we extended the new concept to the entire product line in its various categories, including plant-based burgers, steak tartare, lamb, and beef. This ensured that the brand maintained a consistent look and leveraged the defined key signals for packaging to support the taste and character of each product.


The purchasing decision is influenced by various factors such as messaging, graphics, price, etc., each with a different level of importance. However, if there’s one factor that gains special relevance, it’s photography. When showcasing the product in its packaging, it needs to be at its best and dressed up – adorned. Achieving this requires collaboration with the best partners. In this project, Theyesbrand worked alongside Corina Landa, a food-specialized photographer, and Beatriz Marcos, a stylist also specializing in food.