The Most Original Originals

Herbal Professional Care and Herbal Original are high-quality hair care products. The Herbal Original’s soap brand is a classic in the natural cosmetics sector. It is a brand with values and a very clear formula: to manufacture shampoos without additives, sulfates, or silicones.

Herbal Champu
packaging herbal

Visual Identity

As a result of extensive and meticulous market research, the visual identity of the brand in its new range was defined. This study included the analysis of consumer trends and preferences in the cosmetics sector, the competition, of course, and the level of hierarchy of the information to be conveyed on the packaging.


The packaging of the brand was designed in different product ranges using color psychology, associating the principles and components of each product with its packaging. Additionally, information hierarchy was applied to the label, presenting the data that the user needs to know about the product in an attractive and easy way.
Finally, the boxes and packaging for the range were elaborated.


For the launch of the new range in the market, appropriate advertising was carried out, facilitating the user’s purchasing action and decision in a B2C audience. In economic terms, this resulted in an increase in sales.

Herbal Packaging