The Future of Navigation

Nauta Morgau is a company that manufactures 100% electric and ecological boats using natural and recyclable materials. This Mallorcan shipyard has successfully combined tradition and innovation, experience, and modernity. The art and technique of the ‘mestres d’aixa’ (traditional boat builders) with the use of new materials and technology for the production of electric boats.

Nauta Morgau Barco
Nauta Morgau Logo
Nauta Morgau Logo

Brand Identity

Theyesbrand drew inspiration from the light and minimalist design of Nauta Morgau’s boats to redesign the brand identity. The strategy was clear: to communicate and convey the simplicity of driving and handling their boats, in contrast to the approach used by the competition, which suggests sportiness and fun. Nauta Morgau managed to position itself as an ecological alternative, where enjoying the sea with a motorboat does not conflict with the sustainability of the ocean.


The idea was to design a symbol that would become an icon, something memorable. It had to express the essential and discard the superfluous while being contemporary, with fluid and youthful forms. Cute and also exclusive.
At the same time, the graphic style had to promise and convey innovation and character.