Forging a New Identity

Neotecman is an industrial sector company known for its innovation and technology. A family business that has grown to be present on all 5 continents.

Neotecman Ilustración
Neotecman Stand


An international benchmark and macroeconomic analysis was conducted, revealing that companies in the hot forging sector had an outdated image based on the standards of the 90s. This discovery presented a significant design opportunity, allowing the establishment of new styles and visual codes to convey the innovation and technology for which it was already recognized.


An image was created based on synthesized and easily understandable visual and language codes. Schemes and diagrams were introduced to explain different processes and highlight the company’s benefits. In terms of color, a palette reflecting the forging sector was suggested: bronze, copper, and gray (aluminum). The result was a current, modern, and technological brand image.


The new brand identity was tested with customers and potential buyers, yielding more than satisfactory results. The information and values of the company were understood and assimilated.
These values continue to be part of Neotecman’s essence to this day. Additionally, the sector adopted some of the communication codes introduced at that time.