Being Different in Every Way

Cellers Espolla sought to create a new range of wines with a youthful and fun character. Understanding the product and its essence was crucial for the subsequent development. The brand required the creation of a Naming for the newly established lineup, an Identity, and Packaging, all in line with a unique and clear message: being different in every way.

Babalà Packaging
Babalà Etiqueta

Brand Strategy

The development of a benchmark for brand positioning was crucial, along with the analysis of the target audience and their demands, tastes, needs, and activities. This allowed for the establishment of a path that departed from the more common routes in the industry up to that point and achieved the set goal: conveying without words.


To convey the message, an illustration with the ability to stand out was needed. Vibrant colors and round shapes were chosen to make the illustration look fun and distinct. Two illustrations were developed, one for white wines and another for the range of rosés. To adapt to each type of wine, the collaboration of the American illustrator, John Smith, was enlisted.


As it is a Catalan wine, inspired by the expression “a la babalà,” which in Catalan means to perform an impulsive or fun and crazy action, the Naming emerged: Babalà. This achieved a magnificent result, bringing together elegance and fun in the same product. With this successful challenge, conveying the freshness of the wine through its Branding and Packaging became much simpler.

Babalà Packaging
Babalà Inspiración