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How do you help a new brand establish its position?

New Chef partnered with Theyesbrand to develop a design that would help them own a unique visual strategy in the usual sea of logos and packaging within the food industry. Our agency created the identity and a new packaging look, tone, and dynamic effect that is contemporary and fully aligned with the industry while remaining distinctive and relevant.

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New chef logotipo
Packaging queso crema new chef


Theyesbrand crafted a new logo and a fresh, optimistic packaging design with a healthy appearance. For the brand identity, logo, visual strategy, brand voice, and their application in packaging and digital design, a custom typeface was created—a dynamic serif font that is modern with a classic touch to bring relevance and quality.



We assessed the brand’s key elements (logo, range, typography, and colors). Handmade illustrations were created to reflect each specific product range, with illustrated elements woven into the lines. These illustrations are unique to each product range but stylistically connect the entire portfolio, helping to understand the packaging architecture.

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Fresh Feta cheese , isolation on white
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