Redesigning to Propel

Labalsa is a company in the real estate sector, an industry with high competition that evolves at the pace of the constant changes in the economy and consumer habits.
As a branding agency, the goal was to create a powerful, elegant brand that conveyed professionalism, proximity, and trust.

La Balsa Presentación
La Balsa Business card
La Balsa Manual Identidad

Brand Identity

The challenge: to be synonymous with trust and professionalism in the real estate sector.
The solution: the choice of colors and fonts that conveyed the values of the real estate agency.
The first step was to establish a brand strategy. This involved researching the needs and demands of the sector, as well as current and future trends. Next, the design of the visual identity was outlined. For the color palette, a shade of blue was chosen to convey trust and transparency. Regarding typography, the modified Belgrad font in capital letters was selected to add elegance. With the foundations established, a logo with a unique typography that matched Labalsa’s personality was created. Thirdly, the brand identity manual was developed – a document outlining the guiding principles of the company or institution’s image, services, and products. For Theyesbrand, developing a project like Labalsa from scratch is always interesting and rewarding. It’s a challenge to find the company’s differentiation and, at the same time, effectively convey the brand’s values.