A New Real Estate Concept

Cristina Valls Taberner wanted to launch her most personal project: TheBrickInvest, a new company specializing in the acquisition of luxury apartments for subsequent renovation and consequent appreciation. Cristina hired Theyesbrand to establish the brand strategy, as well as the corporate and visual identity of TheBrickInvest. Subsequently, Community Manager actions and web design were carried out.
In essence, all the 360 degrees of implementation required for a brand were covered.

Brickinvest diseño interiores
brickinvest dibujo

Corporate and Visual Identity

The challenge: convey elegance and professionalism.
The solution: typography and the correct choice of the color palette, as well as the graphic style.
Creating elegance: that was Theyesbrand’s goal. To achieve this, the color palette and typography came together to create the harmony of the brand. Playing with Sans Serif and Serif fonts was chosen to add a classic and elegant touch, without being overloaded, along with a palette that started with white to provide clarity and transparency, while blue and beige accents conveyed trust.

brickinvest folleto
brickinvest folleto interior