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Welcome to Bibir, where living is easier

All customers seek good design that moves their product quickly… some faster than others.

Real estate agency Bibir needed to be seen and noticed immediately, and they wanted to do it prominently. Targeted at a specific audience, the tone and style of their communication and branding were crucial to achieving their goals.

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Naming & Identity

Our goal was to capture the true spirit of the brand to create a memorable naming and a powerful visual brand identity.
After mapping the competition and determining the brand promise, we proposed the name Bibir to the client. This name became our main creative idea, offering a lot of flexibility in branding and communication.
The logo, inspired by the spaces of a home, had to provide a flexible design-architecture system to play with in all possible scenarios, creating a brand experience suitable for the goals.



To support brand recognition, we developed a modular design architecture system based on the logo icon and its geometric lines that remind us of “home.” These connections are present throughout the brand’s visual language and appear in the entire creative palette of the brand. We based the tone of voice on simple, positive, emotional, and unusual phrases and texts. This allows us to create an endless and aligned brand story that is consistent in all possible scenarios: editorial, website, social media, marketing tools, etc.

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