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Does Professionalism Have Color?

Gallina Blanca, a brand under GBFoods, with a long and exciting history since 1937, provides food to thousands of people daily with its wide variety of brands. The company is present in 70 countries across 4 continents. Some of its most cherished brands have become such an integral part of local culinary culture that they are introduced into consumers’ kitchens.

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The challenge: Implementing a new product line for culinary professionals.
The solution: Trust and methodology.
In this project focused on food for the professional sector, the decision was made to transition from the existing, more domestic design to one tailored to the B2B sector, more specialized. To achieve this transformation, the design of the new packaging incorporated more practical and visual elements. The goal was to create a new identity that would reposition the brand in the food sector. Videos were also created for the website, along with motion graphics, allowing the brand to present a more dynamic and visual image of its products, thereby generating greater attraction and interest.


A new packaging that repositioned the product in the Food Service sector. A restyling of the domestic packaging was undertaken to differentiate and position the Gallina Blanca professional product range. The aim was to give the range a more professional and timeless character by shifting from the existing design, intended for family consumption, to a new design focused on another, more specialized sector. This new packaging identity gave the brand its own character and became a ‘must-have’ for professional kitchens. Thus, the packaging was redesigned to develop a brand strategy tailored to the new professional needs. The significant challenge was to visually differentiate the family product from the professional one. To achieve this, silver, a color strongly associated with professionalism and quality, was chosen. Historically, it has been infallible for positioning brands in almost all sectors. Therefore, shades close to grays and metallics were used as a differentiating factor between the product for domestic and professional use.