A younger, vibrant, and diverse feed

Tecnocasa’s challenge was to redesign its Instagram feed to attract a younger, more vibrant, and more diverse audience by integrating current design trends while maintaining a good balance between creativity and Tecnocasa’s traditional corporate identity.

Tecnocasa RRSS


The objectives of this project were threefold. Firstly, to create distinctive positioning and identity that would differentiate Tecnocasa from competitors’ feeds. Secondly, to raise awareness and drive traffic to Tecnocasa’s website. And thirdly, to create an engaging user experience that generates leads.


To develop a brand’s digital identity that truly resonated with our target audience, it was crucial to immerse ourselves in the needs and perspectives of potential buyers and sellers, and understand how Tecnocasa could meet their real estate needs. The current feed lacked dynamism and needed a refresh to attract a younger audience. A fresh look and vibrant feel were required to reflect both Tecnocasa’s solidity and its capacity for innovation. The fundamental elements of the feed are expressed through direct and clear copy. As for graphic design, we proposed using ‘color cubes’ to form blocks to narrate stories that contribute to the construction of our brand identity. These color cubes interact with each other, and we introduced a new palette of primary colors that complement each other and add a touch of fun and innovation to the whole.

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