Embracing the Mystery

A brand with its own designation, Priorat.
Priorat, where the devotion and affection of its people for wines date back over 1,000 years. A love for the vineyards that has been passed down from generation to generation, thus creating the History of Priorat.

Foreses Packaging
Foreses Inspiración


Based on the conducted study, a high level of competition was identified and carefully analyzed. Using this information, the scope and target audience were established to position the product, and subsequently, the development of the brand began with a well-defined strategy.


Starting with the burgundy bottle, a reflection of the history, body, and reliability of the brand, the labels and packaging were created. The label and the pure, simple, and subtle illustration contrast with the neutral colors of the brand name. Simplicity, but only at first glance, as the label itself is a clear message to the potential consumer. Finally, the cork was designed, an essential and often underestimated process, which added seriousness and harmony to the bottle, thus completing the development of the entire corporate identity.


Once the corporate identity was determined, ads, catalogs, and product presentations were elaborated and created. This project allowed for the discovery and appreciation of quality local products and firsthand experience of the competitiveness of the wine sector. In this regard, the use of storytelling in communication was the key to the development of this project.