Lost in a Sweet Dream

Mina Ratafía is the first magnolia ratafía. Its petals are handpicked in Bellmunt de Priorat. The unwritten secret recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, and very few fortunate individuals know it today. The detail and craftsmanship of each process, the light but intense color, its bright appearance with golden nuances, along with the floral details in its aroma, give it all its value.

Mina Pack
Mina Inspiración


Through a benchmark analysis, the behavior of direct and indirect competitors and the needs and demands of consumers were examined.


A brand identity with a clear message was created: “Lost in a sweet dream,” evoking the sweetness and care of ratafía. The goal was to position the brand in a dreamlike and fantastical world from which no one would want to leave. An invitation to enter a sweet, enigmatic, and distant dream, where extraordinary things happen.


To convey such a special and unique message, an elaborate label with a detailed, refined, feminine, natural, and attractive style was sought. Illustrations were crafted that connect the ingredients used in its production: magnolia flower, orange blossom, elderflower, and the nature of the Priorat region. A fresh and romantic result that introduces the flavor of the product through the packaging.