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Brand Identity

With the creation of the new visual identity, the brand was able to maintain its Top Of Mind position, adapting to current trends and creating new trends in the industry without losing the distinctive essence of the brand. A new design for the product range was defined and created with a refreshed style, without abandoning the original essence, resulting in product differentiation based on its aesthetics compared to the competition.


Public preferences evolve, and new visual trends emerge that help convey when a brand is up-to-date. Pilexil® needed a change in packaging, an evolution to continue being a leader in its segment. The face of the packaging was redesigned first. Less is more, so the superfluous was eliminated to focus on what really matters: clearly, attractively, and compellingly conveying the benefits of Pilexil®. The Pantone 1945C color (red) was retained as it is recognized as the color of Pilexil® and the color of the leader.


In this sector, while demand is very high, so is the supply. Therefore, with Pilexil®, we set a clear goal: to be the center of attention. To achieve this, we analyzed the market, competition, and target audience, successfully creating the current product line.

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