Diseño packaging alimentación - Reyes Varón

A New Identity for Tradition

Reyes Varón selects the finest raw materials from the sea to offer the world the best smoked products and make fish the sole protagonist of the palate. Their production is artisanal, based on the technique of the great Norwegian masters. Experience, innovation, naturalness, and quality are their differentiating factors, leading them to become true masters of the sea.
Reyes Varón was well-positioned in the HORECA sector (B2B), but they wanted to enter the retail sector (B2C). To achieve this, it was vital to maintain the brand’s value while carving out a space in the new market niche. A highly competitive market where many premium brands already existed.

Brand Strategy

A new market, with new behaviors, tastes, needs, and demands, implies a new strategy, and therefore, the company’s product range needed to be restructured. It started with the implementation of a new brand identity and continued with the creation of engaging and relevant content for the new audience, using a unique and differentiated tone from their competitors, allowing them to position themselves in the sector.


Conceptually, with the desired positioning and message in mind, visual codes were developed. The 2-year project included the redesign of the entire range with a total of 120 references. First, a brand identity manual was created, defining the guidelines for each redesign or new product creation. This ensured the maintenance of consistency throughout the development of all subcategories for the entire duration of the project. Once this phase was completed, the production of each product began. Through design, an exclusive, elegant, and versatile touch was given to position the brand and its products at a top level. In terms of colors and shapes, they took on the responsibility of conveying the company’s values.


The packaging needed to communicate to consumers that inside the package was a product of very high quality. Theyesbrand worked with Reyes Varón on a product positioning rooted in the company’s origins and its main differentiator: a product of very high quality.
The result was packaging that clearly introduced the brand and the level of quality and craftsmanship put into the selection and smoking of the product.