Packaging Design for Food: 4 Success Stories

Packaging design in the food industry is crucial for capturing the audience’s full attention. We present 4 success stories.

In the food sector, the initial impression a product makes on the public, whether at physical or online points of sale, is crucial. Therefore, it is essential for packaging design to be attractive to generate higher sales.

According to data from Sheena White’s report, 70% of consumer purchasing decisions in supermarkets are influenced by packaging design.

Designing effective packaging is a creative and strategic process that begins with a preliminary study of the product, target audience, and market. In this regard, a packaging design agency specializes in creating packaging that communicates everything necessary attractively to the buyer, considering elements such as color, shape, dimensions, and materials.

Given this data, it makes sense to invest time and money in food packaging design. In other words, it is an excellent investment that helps the brand achieve benefits more quickly.

Packaging alimentación - GB Foods
Diseño de Packaging para Gallina Blanca Foods

Features of Food Packaging Design

Packaging design for food products has various characteristics depending on the type of product it contains. However, its main functions can be summarized as follows:

  1. Technical Information: The packaging design should include clear and concise information about the product’s content, as well as recommendations for its preservation and storage to keep it in good condition. This information is crucial to ensure that the product remains fresh until it is used.
  2. Practicality: The packaging design should be practical and easy to use and transport. It should be strong enough to protect the contents during transportation but also easy to open and close so that consumers can access the product quickly and easily.
  3. Information about Benefits and Values: The packaging design should clearly communicate the product’s benefits and values to the consumer through its design and readable labeling. This helps the consumer understand why they should choose this product over others.
  4. Attractive and Unique Design: The packaging design should stand out among the competition and attract the consumer, prompting them to make a purchase. This is achieved through an attractive and unique design that catches the consumer’s attention on the shelf and makes them want to buy the product.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: The packaging design must comply with all current industry regulations. This includes regulations on nutritional information, labeling, and safe packaging. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal sanctions and damage the brand’s reputation.

Functions of Food Packaging Design

The creation of food packaging goes beyond its most functional purpose (wrapping the product). From a design perspective, it is about attracting the consumer’s attention and convincing them to take it home to try its contents.

Standing out and capturing interest is challenging in such a competitive sector as food. It requires a skilled and experienced team in food packaging design.

Food packaging serves as the intermediary between the company and the consumer. Therefore, beyond protecting the food and having a certain aesthetic, which is understood, it must connect emotionally with the buyer. The current consumer is more demanding due to the significant competition.

Current differentiation trends focus on providing the user with a good experience, and this is directly related to the world of emotions.

Thus, a food packaging agency must identify the emotions that drive the ideal consumer of that product and convey them through the packaging they are designing.

4 Successful Food Packaging Designs by The Yes Brand

A specialized agency in food packaging is responsible for creating unique packaging to achieve the desired goals of these companies.

In this regard, The Yes Brand – a branding and packaging agency in Barcelona and Madrid – is dedicated to creating unique images and identities for these brands. Here are 4 successful food packaging projects carried out under our direction, with a brief overview of each case, specifically mentioning the packaging development. You can discover more ideas in the Projects section.

Fresh Miles

What is more challenging, devising a project from scratch or transforming an existing one?

Clearly, the latter. Starting with a design and making it evolve, even if only in one direction, requires constantly looking back to “stay on track.”

This is what The Yes Brand experienced with the Fresh Miles project from the Bidfood group. They needed to renew their essence without losing their identity. In terms of packaging, the new graphics helped standardize different categories and, at the same time, convey the quality of their fresh products.

Harmony is the word that defines the result of the restyling, and as a side effect, the brand and its branding are strengthened.

Packaging alimentación - Fresh Miles

Reyes Varón

This is the story of a smoked fish brand, well-positioned in the B2B sector, that wanted to enter the B2C retail sector.

Where to begin?

Let’s analyze the premises:

- Good positioning at the B2B level

- Very high-quality product

- Artisanal production in fish selection and smoking

When a brand enters a new market, the first impression is what remains. The Yes Brand managed to position the product as a Premium category in the eyes of the consumer with packaging design that showcased the best of the product: its quality.

Diseño packaging alimentación - Reyes Varón

Custom Culinary

Custom Culinary is an American brand of products created by chefs for chefs that wanted to expand into the old continent. If, in this endeavor, it had entered without adapting the design of its products to European taste, it would have been a complete failure.

On this occasion, The Yes Brand had the challenge of captivating a chef visually, a difficult task considering the kind of person they are.

What is a chef like?

In terms that affect design, we could say that a chef is a person who is sober, perfectionist, rigorous, and demanding. With these characteristics in mind, the packaging design was presented to the brand.

Diseño packaging alimentario - Custom Culinary


Càrnia is a pioneering meat brand in its sector. It openly expresses a commitment to animal welfare, environmental preservation, and respect for the livestock profession.

On this occasion, The Yes Brand had a double challenge: to convey “the love for good eating” and make the consumer salivate when carefully observing the image of the product printed on the packaging.

packaging carnia

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